Not tonight, honey…

September 23rd, 2007

Blogging is new to me, and I have been highly amused at the frequency by which things occur out in the world that make me want to go back and change, or update, a post.

I did this once, after heralding LifeCourse Associates’ amazing studies that predict the next generation of kids will be more altruistic, more focused on the world and those in need, less self-involved, etc…. then seeing Angelina Jolie’s 2 year old daughter, Zahara, holding a purse that would pay for a year’s worth of my rent.

Yeah yeah, it’s not the kid’s fault, but (a) she will grow up weird, and (b) it did make for a good blog post!

Today I feel compelled to offer a humble update to my post of 9-19-07, Interview with Stephanie Fierman on ClickZ which, at some deep DNA level, does imply that the principles that make for good Internet marketing mostly reflect those established in the realm of direct marketing decades before.

But now something’s happened that I never heard about when I was managing hundreds of millions of pieces of credit card direct mail, hanging at printers eating cold pizza at all hours, or working on DRTV. And, as a recipient of such mail or a viewer of said DRTV, I can’t say that I’ve detected this same effect, either.

Maybe the Internet really *is* different


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