Stephanie and Marketing Mojo can be described with no better phrase than “simply impeccable.”  The brilliance that bridging contradictions.  Their work is the first and only I have seen that is truly creative yet detail-oriented, strategic while mindful of tactical issues, driven by deeply-ingrained marketing horsepower and supported by a comprehensive business point of view.  Stephanie herself has become a wise counselor and trusted advisor, and without fail my first call when the fan becomes soiled.

Kristian Chronister – President, 

Stephanie is a master at devising actionable marketing strategies for emerging businesses.  She can identify and optimize the leverage points in a business with the accuracy of a laser.  Stephanie is particularly innovative with the latest marketing tactics and trends.  She values relationships and successfully builds them both within and beyond any company she’s working with.

David Cautin – Chief Digital Officer, NYSE Euronext


I had the good fortune of working for Stephanie while at Zagat Survey.  She’s smart, focused and one of the best strategic marketers I know.  She’s also a natural born leader – a strategic visionary with outstanding communication skills and a commanding executive presence.  As a manager, I found Stephanie to be both inspirational and highly supportive.  Best of all, I enjoyed working for her. Stephanie would be an invaluable asset to any organization and someone that I hope to have the pleasure of working with again someday.

Larry Wasserman – GM, Internet and Wireless, Zagat Survey


Stephanie is one of the stars within The CMO CLUB and is viewed as a leader of leaders within the broader CMO community.  This is why we invited her onto the Board.  She is proactive in identifying key issues important to both her employers and fellow marketers, has an engaging style that people love and motivates others with her passion and professionalism.   Stephanie is a bright, gifted leader.

Pete Krainik, Chairman of The CMO CLUB 

Stephanie is an intelligent and courageous marketing executive, whose insights are always deeply considered and on target.  She has the vision to see the potential of brands, the strength to help clients make the hard decisions that will realize that potential and the charisma to coach a team to success.  I recommend her without reservation.

James Talerico – Executive Creative Director / Senior Vice President, Heartbeat Ideas 

Stephanie is a true innovator and creator of new marketing strategies and tactics for companies interested in true performance.  She is bright, approachable, and equipped with the knowledge of the latest marketing technologies and applications – a superb asset to any company seeking visibility translated into bottom line results.

Alex Romanovich – Founder, Social2B


Stephanie is one of the sharpest executives that I’ve had the privilege to work with.  At Epsilon, Stephanie took charge of the corporate marketing group.  She led our team, guided our projects and supported our initiatives with precision and grace.  As a leader, I saw Stephanie become a fearless advocate for her team – one that went the extra mile to make sure everyone was successful.  She has been a real mentor to me and the lessons I learned from her about problem solving, leadership and marketing will follow me throughout my career.  She’s an inspiration to everyone she works with and I hope to work with again.

Ruth Casanova – Former Marketing Executive, Epsilon (client assignment)


Stephanie ran marketing for me at and was responsible for taking from an unknown site at launch to one of the top sites for small business. She has a deep understanding of all facets of marketing – from branding to customer acquisition and retention. She was effective both as a one-person team when we were in startup mode as well as in recruiting and managing a large marketing team. She is a strong manager – simultaneously able to manage, promote and protect her team. I would not hesitate to hire Stephanie again and would recommend her to any firm looking for one of the best and brightest executives around.

Jeff Cutler – Co-founder and General Manager, 


As Executive Director of the national entertainment industry organization, The Creative Coalition, I am privileged to have worked with Stephanie.  Her strategic business acumen and her unparalled skills in marketing and communications have been essential in the projects that she’s worked on with us. Stephanie is someone who “gets it” and knows how to lead a company in doing well by doing good.

Robin Bronk – Executive Director, The Creative Coalition 

Stephanie worked as a pro-bono consultant for the New York Foundation for the Arts, where I was Director of External Affairs. She guided us through a complex branding project, selecting the outside agency and acting as a liaison between us and them. She was great at helping the Board understand and work through the process, resulting in a new and exciting brand identity for NYFA. She was also a valued adviser on communications for the following four years that I worked there. Her knowledge of the field – and of how to work with people to win their support, cooperation and loyalty – were wonderful assets.

Waddy Thompson – Executive Director, Interschool Orchestras 


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Kevin Randall – Director of Brand Strategy and Research, Moveo 

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Lisa Petrilli – CEO, C-Level Strategies 

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Larry Tolpin – President and Chief Creative Officer, Ypartnership