Don’t Let Social Make You Stupid

September 30th, 2012

I’ve written a lot of posts on social media (like HERE and HERE and HERE). Piles of marketers, consultants and others opine on a daily basis about the thrilling, exciting, shiny new world of social media.

But here’s the thing: social doesn’t change any of the fundamental principles of communications and consumer engagement.

If you wouldn’t telemarket or mail an offer that doesn’t seem particularly relevant for the recipient, why put common sense in reverse, for example, when it comes to mobile?

There’s no switch in the consumer brain that makes an offer attractive, relevant and helpful simply because it’s delivered on a new device, or in some other sparkly new way.  There IS one big difference in social: now consumers can instantly tell millions of others how bad your marketing is – how “clueless” you seem to be.  And that should make us more (not less) careful about inaccurate targeting or just out-and-out NO targeting.

I chose the title of this post because of a Ron White quote I borrowed for my Ten Tips for Marketers: How to Avoid (or Deflect) a Social Blunder write-up back in February, and that’s this: “you can’t fix stupid.”

Don’t let social cloud your (or your agency’s) judgment, wise friends.  I say this because I care: social doesn’t fix stupid.

P.S.  Readers know that I’m partial to a couple cartoonists and like to share their work now and then.  On my second blog,  it’s David Jones‘ Adland.  Here, it’s Tom Fishburne’s Brand Camp. Enjoy.


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