Dear Fellow Marketer,

Feeling a little, you know, special these days? Who could blame you?

I mean, look what’s happening: we CMOs appear to be able to keep our jobs for 4 whole years. Folks can say things like “CMO to CEO” without giggling. Everyone needs all this help with content marketing, and consumer journeys, and digital, and CRM, etc. etc. Everyone’s all over us!

Yes, it can sometimes feel like marketing is coming up in the world.

But before you start feeling too important, allow me to perform a public service of sorts by reminding you what marketing is truly about.

Below is a real email (semi-masked to protect the embarrassed and embarrassing):

***** Message *****

To: ME
Subject: Vector file of logo


I am reaching you to request a vector logo file of your logo.

The logo will live on collateral materials for [Company Name’s] first Annual Agency Hot Dog Eating Contest. Your agency will be participating.

It is important that the file be a vector file (EPS or AI), not to be confused with an image file (JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF).

Can you please help me with this?

If you do not have access to the logo in the requested format, perhaps you can forward this email to someone within your design or PR department. — It’s important.

Thank you.

***** End *****

So the next time you’re at some fancy strategy offsite, just remember to get the damn vector logo out in time for the hot dog eating contest (NOT an image file, which would be ridiculous!!).

Because — as has been pointed out — “it’s important.”


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